OXNARD is the new beach!

As our Five Year Wedding anniversary approaches and we are hunting for a fun adventure for the family, I can’t help but to reminisce about last year’s anniversary trip.

I’m not sure what sparked it, but beginning last year, we started an annual family vacation on our wedding anniversary weekend. For our honeymoon, we went to Italy, and it was incredible! (see below, me on a train in Italy)

So, although we weren’t looking for international travel (because I was newly preggers with Carmine), we wanted somewhere beautiful we had never been – insert Oxnard, California!

Freddy, my mom and I were vigorously searching VRBO for beach houses in the California area, when my mom came across this super modern, gorgeous home right on the beach! None of us had ever heard of Oxnard, but from the moment we laid eyes on this home, we were in love!!


We obviously had to jump on it immediately! Luckily, it wasn’t booked and we were in luck!

A couple weeks later, we packed the car and headed to the beach! Mama and my Auntie P made their way up to Oxnard earlier on in the day, and Freddy Oliver and I made it to the beach just in time to catch the sun.

Before even entering the house, Oliver, mama and I had to explore the beach, which wasn’t hard because WE WERE ON THE BEACH!!

So, as you can tell from the video, Mr Oliver was not a fan of the water (poor thing)! And this did not change the entire time. I’m pretty sure it was just the shock of the cold, but it didn’t matter- he refused to go near it!

After poor Oliver was too scared to go back near the water, we ventured into the house, which was even better than the photos!


After we (and by “we” I mean Oliver) were finished laying in all the beds and reading all the books, we caught the most breathtaking sunset! And had a dance party with a mummy!

As you can probably already tell, this beach is so secluded and quiet. Thee perfect place to get away and unplug.

The next morning, we geared up for the beach and, to our surprise, the beach house came with everything we needed! Chairs, umbrellas, sand castle building supplies, kites, bikes, beach towels, beach balls – everything!

Even though our little Oliver wasn’t interested in going IN the water, he wore himself out running around the beach flying kites with his uncle G, digging for sand crabs (which he and his cousin Elliot loved to watch crawl on their hands), and building monster sand castles!

One of the best things about this house is this area right here! When Oliver got tired, we were able to bring him up to the house without really leaving the beach!!

That night, we were determined to get a family photo during the beautiful sunset! It was a little windy, which resulted in a not so perfect picture, but the cutest little faces from Oliver!

“Get me Back IN the beautiful house!!”

Mornings were also the best! Oliver and I snuggled on the lounge chairs in our room and just enjoyed each other and the view. This was, of course, after he explored the telescope and I snapped a zillion photos of him and daddy checking out the dolphins!

Oh – and more dance parties (while mommy got some work done with the incredible view).

The second day, we got dressed and headed to the hotel where my auntie P was staying for some yummy lunch and pool time.

But before we left, we got these adorable photos together on the stairs of the house- adore them!

After the pool, the boys got another sand castle building session in. As you can tell, the weather was beautiful and even required a little sweatshirt at the end of the day, which was a pleasant change from the 110 degree weather in Vegas!

We ended the day with some couch snuggles and Thai take-out.

For anyone out there who cooks, this house would have been your dream! They had all the gear and even a BBQ in the courtyard. For us, however, we got well acquainted with the take-out menus!

My sister did make this yummy pie for my brother-in-laws birthday and at least made use of the baking supplies!

On the final day, Captain Oliver woke up ready to play! Side note, the little bear he’s holding was given to him on the day he was born by his cousin Elliot and it’s still one of his favorites!

We were super sad to have to leave the beautiful house and the beach, but found an adorable breakfast spot that had tables right in the sand!

The entire trip I couldn’t help but imagine our new little one coming along for our next anniversary trip! While Oliver was still trying to understand that his little brother was in mommy’s tummy (see below), he was super excited when I told him that his little baby (we didn’t know the gender yet) would be here next year!

Carmine in the oven!

Can’t wait to see our two boys on this year’s trip!

Thanks VRBO.COM & T.R.E.E Real Estate

– WeAreFremily


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