Halloween-icts Anonymous 🎃

Hi! WeAreFremily, and we are addicts- of Halloween!

It’s true- ever since Freddy and I met, Halloween was always our favorite holiday! I somehow got him to dress as a beautiful Snow White on our first Halloween together in San Francisco! And then we were Hamilton before Hamilton was cool (super hipsters)! The next year he convinced me to wear the heaviest headdress on earth (and space) for our Star Wars year- which was totally worth it, until I tried to walk through doorways! Ha!

Not only did we go BIG on our costumes, but we threw Halloween parties every year, filled with animatronic little girls eating brains, a bloody massacre kitchen with headless bloody mannequin bodies and a full size casket in the backyard. Real life! It was demented!

Obviously, when Oliver came along, we realized that we needed to scale things down a bit. So, with much kicking and screaming on my part, we had to leave all gory decorations in our storage- talk about separation anxiety!

Despite the fact that we left all of the frightening decor hidden, Oliver started to take a liking to Halloween! It may have been me whispering Halloween stories in his ear as he slept, but who knows?!

Last year, he didn’t have much choice. We just dressed him up and stuck him in between some pumpkins- he looked too adorable not to!

But this year, this little boy wanted to put out decorations before it was even October! We started with the “safe” decor – cartoon skeletons and pumpkins – and he adored it!! And so did Luda!

Don’t ask about the colorful shirt- Freddy made me wear it and I could only resist for so long. After Oliver was introduced to the kid friendly decor, every trip to Target resulted in him wanting more decorations and begging to go to the Halloween section. Of course, this included needing any Halloween outfit, shirt, pajamas, or accessory in sight! These mummy pajamas were no exception and immediately turned him into a scary Mummy!! .

In addition to the Target trips, every morning on the drive to school, we have to listen to toddler Halloween songs and sing every single line about witches flying all about, spiders crawling up the haunted house and zombies – his favorite character to imitate!

Another morning drive routine was watching the pumpkin patch down the street come to life. He would point it out each morning and waive hello to all the pumpkins: “Hi Punkins!”

Finally, one day the patch was complete and we promised to take him after school.

He, of course, needed to wear his favorite bat outfit, complete with a hoodie and bat ears (H&M), his bat mask (Pottery Barn Kids) and his favorite toy (Quack) ! Instead of placing him in the middle of pumpkins like last year, we literally had to chase him around the patch as he was overly excited to see all of the Halloween fun!

Luckily, we were able to get him to sit still long enough to get some family photos and the most adorable photos of him, some pumpkins and Quack! Don’t let his face fool you- he loved the animals in the petting zoo and wanted to pet them all.

When it came to deciding what Oliver would be for Halloween, it was a no-brainer! He absolutely LOVES anything Bug and so it was just a matter of which bug to be. One Saturday, we were looking through the haunted Pottery Barn Kids catalogue and he spotted the most perfect light up Lightning Bug! He immediately said “mine mine!” And with that, it was done!

We went into our local Pottery Barn Kids and they helped us order it in time to make sure we had it in time for our Halloween carnival. Once it arrived, he was in love and wanted to check out himself in the mirror and watch the eyes and tooshie light up!

We went to his big cousins’ Halloween carnival and he was definitely in his element! Halloween, dancing, spooky decorations and candy! As you can tell, he was one happy lightning bug!

Our Halloween fun couldn’t end there, so one Saturday after soccer we decided to decorate pumpkins. Daddy was in Puerto Rico working at the time, so I had to make sure we didn’t make too much of a mess- Freddy is a clean freak! We tried to keep it clean, but mummy’s are messy!!

Of course, Oliver made a spider pumpkin and mommy made a Mummy pumpkin- both of which needed to become part of the home decor! He was so proud!

Now, he is at the age where he is starting to have an opinion on everything, including his clothing. Monday morning (and every day that followed), he insisted on a spooky outfit! Thankfully, we were fully stocked up! This also correlated with the first time he didn’t cry at school- coincidence? I think not! He just needed his spooky vibe and he was fine!

Because of Oliver’s love of Halloween, his new little baby also needed some Halloween gear- of course! That’s where my sweet and Dracula-esque friend Chelsey came in and saved the day! Not even a week after she found out about our new little one, she sent the sweetest Halloween outfits for the new one and for Ollie! It was also the day daddy came home from Puerto Rico, so Oliver was sporting his shirt from daddy’s trip as well!

Now I know some of you are doing the math and thinking that a new born Halloween onesie will not be able to be worn in March…. well- lesson learned! Our little one will be rocking this thing all Spring long! It’s too cute not to!

In addition to Halloween being my favorite, I adore winter in general, primarily for the hats and beanies!! I have what some would call a seven-head (as opposed to a four-head), and so the moment I feel a breeze I’m in beanies all season long!

We were heading out of the house for another Halloween adventure, and Ollie wanted to match! Luckily, he has a matching black beanie that he ran to find and had to wear! #Twinning

So, this was our second pumpkin patch of the season, and the excitement and running tripled this time! I could not keep up with this crazy boy!!

The only thing that stopped him in his tracks this time were the animals. We decided to buy food to feed the animals this time, which I thought was a great idea. Well, I was wrong! He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Mommy ended up being a shield and he couldn’t wait to get out of that pen!

This pumpkin patch trip was not as long as the first- he literally ran himself to the ground, and we ended up leaving without any more pumpkins. Since we already had a million at home, we were okay with it!

Being a Vegas native, I like to pride myself in knowing all of the hot spots- which have significantly changed since being a mommy. More like splash pads and Gymboree as opposed to Bottle service and Marquee VIP, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Anyhow, I was introduced to the Opportunity Village Halloveen at the Magical Forest last year, and, after being shocked I didn’t know about it, I fell in love! So naturally, we had to take Oliver again this year! We met his cousins at the Magical Forest, which Oliver calls the Haunted Forest, and had way too much fun with light up swords, pumpkin patches, running from Jack Skeleton, running to Jack Sparrow, and sitting in a real police car (“Good guy” car).

With Oliver’s love of Halloween, when the teacher sent an email around saying that Pajama Day was coming up, we knew immediately that we were going to call the Mummy outfit “pajamas” no matter what- hey, he wore slippers with it! Totally night time gear if you ask me.

Once he put it on and I needed a photo, he turned into a zombie right away, with his tongue out and arms raised, while making moaning sounds. He’s a natural.

Now, no blog post would be complete without more of our little pumpkin in the mix! This week was week 17, and our little one was sure on the move! We visited the doctor on Wednesday and the baby was, in Oliver’s words, “super super big!” Maybe he was speaking of my tummy – who knows?!? Speaking of tummy, I felt our first real movement this week!! The night of our doctors appointment, we were getting ready for bed, and our little pumpkin clearly wanted more attention.

He or she began kicking or swimming or something- it was incredible! I remember the feeling with Oliver, but it was like this was brand new. For anyone out there with children, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s such a magical time when you can finally feel or see the first movements. Your connection with the baby is even more intense and, for me at least, I could sit and feel those flutters for hours!

With our little pumpkin growing, who knows what I’ll be able to fit this belly into for Halloween, but I’m sure to figure out something!

Trick or Treating is at our house this year, so keep an eye out for our Instastory capturing all of the fright!

Oh, and of course, check back for more posts about our Halloween and baby adventures!



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