Our little succulent

As I lay in bed next to Oliver napping (yes – he is still in our bed, which warrants a blog all on its own), I can’t help but smile thinking about how he is going to be the most amazing big brother! Now, I know I am getting ahead of myself, but he surprises me every day! I can’t wait to see him teach our new little one all about the world! He already reads stories to my tummy, but I think his first lesson will be how to dunk Oreos! Haha!

So, Freddy and I have always discussed having more children. If you asked the 20 year old me, I would have said “six children please all before the age of 30,” (oops!) and if you asked the 20 year old Freddy, he would have ran the other direction. Needless to say, we have both grown in the right direction. I am now at three kids, and Freddy is more at two – so three it will be – haha!

Something we always agreed on was that we really wanted to give Oliver the chance to be an only child, to be the center of attention, and to have our undivided attention before bringing in another baby. And, obviously, he is the center of our WORLD!!

Photo by Kristen Kay Photography

We decided somewhere along the way that two years would be perfect! So, as you can imagine, after Oliver’s second birthday party (which also warrants its own blog post – pictures below), I began dropping the not-so-subtle hints about wanting another baby. Anyone who knows me is thinking right about now that me and subtle don’t really mix!

Well – I tried to be subtle anyway.

A couple of months later, we were laying in bed while Ollie napped on a Sunday afternoon, and I began to connect several dots in my life, including feeling a little queasy at a work lunch recently and having sudden desires for certain food (i.e., cravings). I didn’t want to jinx it, so I told Freddy I wasn’t going to take a test – I hate when they are negative but you both got excited about the possibility.

So, needless to say, I took a test in secret and it came back with a very clear

“P R E G N A N T” 

and my heart skipped a million beats!! So many thoughts raced through my head all in one millisecond! Once I was able to see straight, I quickly had to think of a good way to tell Freddy – because I tried not to get my hopes up, I hadn’t even thought about how to tell him – OOPS!

Then it came to me! I always draw bugs and hearts on the shower fog for Oliver, so I wrote “I AM PREGGERS” in the fog and told Freddy that he had to come in and see the new drawing I did for Ollie. He came in to see – not questioning why I drew something for Oliver even though he was sleeping – and I think his mouth literally hit the floor!

It was perfect timing, because he and I got to spend the next couple of minutes, just the two of us, basking in this joy! We just kept saying how lucky we were and how excited Oliver was going to be! Since we didn’t know how far along yet, we vowed to keep it a secret. Believe me, it was super hard, because that night we went to a family birthday party (photos below) and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!! Plus, I had to drink Mocktails all night hoping no one would notice.


With my beautiful sis!

Obviously, first thing Monday morning, I called my doctor and asked to be squeezed into an appointment. We absolutely LOVE our doctor and all the staff, and it was so wonderful when the receptionist was overly excited to hear from us and that we were expecting another little one! They booked us for the first appointment she had open, and we waited anxiously for the day to arrive.

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset

Cuddling with my babies the day after we found out!

We have a tradition that we started with Oliver, where we record little video clips before or after each doctor appointment talking to the baby and telling the baby what we learned during the appointment or what we saw on the ultrasound. So, naturally, we had to continue the tradition with this baby.

We learned at that first appointment that I was super early still, so we decided to keep the secret for just a little longer.

Secret belly photo at the Philharmonic!

This plan lasted pretty good for a while. It was all going according to plan, until we were at my parent’s house for my nephew’s birthday party (the most amazing ROCK party ever – cake by my amazing cousin Melissa).

All of the party guests had left, and there was some garlic bread left on the counter. I, in my preggers way, started to eat the bread. This was apparently out of character for me, because my Grandmother gave me the strangest look, and said

“Emily, you’re eating bread? Are you pregnant?” Eeeeeeeek!!!!!

I brushed this off with a little laugh and quickly moved on. My adorably sweet Grandma felt like she had hurt my feelings, so she asked Freddy if I was upset. I could not bare the thought of my Grandma thinking she had hurt my feelings, and it did seem like the perfect timing…..So, after chatting it over with Freddy via looks across the room, and making sure all the fam was in the kitchen, I hugged my Grandma and announced to the family that Grandma had guessed something – leaving a pause for Grandma to fill in the blank.

Immediately, my family started to scream and hug and cry and scream! It was perfect!

Although there wasn’t a big announcement plan, it was more perfect than we could have asked for. We were so relieved that everyone finally knew, and I was so happy to stop making up excuses as to why I didn’t feel like drinking a glass of wine and why I didn’t feel like sushi! Haha!

After we hit the 12 week mark (look at that kicker), we felt like it was time to share the news with everyone!

Of course, we had to come up with a way to tell our announcement story through photos. After searching Pinterest for hours, and realizing that nothing was truly us, my sister – the owner of Gardenia Lane Photography – suggested that we just make it super simple, without overthinking it.


From our Christmas shoot last year ❤

After discussing it for 2 seconds, that seemed perfect. No baby shoes or Big Brother shirt (which are adorable and Oliver definitely has a dozen of them – haha), we would just be us. This evolved into me holding a small succulent and doing a couple of fun shots with a Number 2 balloon – mostly for the cute Boomerang that would give us!

Freddy and I knew we would wear black, but started to talk about Oliver’s outfit. I was thinking a dressy outfit for him, and then out of the blue, Freddy sent a photo to our group family text (a group text with my entire fam) of Oliver in a tracksuit from Adidas and jokingly (I thought) said that Ollie would wear that for the shoot. Little did I know that he was serious (I didn’t even fight it because he looked so darn cute in it!)

Because Freddy was heading off to Puerto Rico for work and my sister’s calendar gets pretty full during the holiday season (and always), we scheduled the shoot for 5:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. I rushed home from work, threw on a black dress that was stretchy (given the belly), brushed Oliver’s hair – who was already in his super cute and perfect cactus tracksuit – and rushed out the door with my handsome husband, Oliver and sister.

We knew we wanted to shoot in the desert, but weren’t sure exactly where we would go. Since I am late for everything, we may or may not have been racing against the sun. Luckily, we live in Las Vegas and are surrounded by desert. My sister quickly spotted the perfect location, and we hurried to beat the sunset.

Shooting with Mary is always such a breeze, and I swear it felt like we shot for 2 minutes! She knew exactly what we wanted and how to capture it perfectly! I nearly killed myself several times wearing 6” heels in the rocky desert – check my heel in some of the photos, I am definitely about to timbbbeerrrr!! – but I survived! Click the photos to enlarge them 🙂

Before we left, we, of course, had to throw in a Boomerang with the Number 2. Oliver loved this one the most because he got to hang upside down and he literally will watch it a million times over and over and laugh!

As you can see, he was also the biggest ham during the shoot! Those faces he is making KILL ME!! I can’t take his sweet smile. I know that he will be the best big brother to his little sister or brother.

Which reminds me…

We did a blood test to find out the gender and my mama knows but is keeping it a secret!!! Gender reveal blog to come soon!!! Xoxoooxoox

Hope you enjoyed this little (long winded) post!

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